The Truth About Simvastatin Side Effects

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Patients usually consume Simvastatin because they are considered at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Simvastatin is one of the medication from statin family. Simvastatin is a drug to reduce bad cholesterol ( LDL ) and increase good cholesterol ( HDL ) & reduce heart attack.


What are the side effects of Simvastatin?

Patients who use Simvastatin after they have a previous history of stroke will increase the risk of developing a brain hemorrhage and this can be dangerous and fatal.

There are also cases where patients taking Simvastatin suffered from liver failure and hepatitis. Consuming Simvastatin can also caused joint pains, abdominal pain and headaches. There are also cases of severe irritability, psychosis, violence and suicide for those that take Simvastatin.


Memory and concentration

Through clinical trials, Simvastatin have been reported to cause changes in memory, attention and concentration.

There are also patients that describe this problem as having “holes in their memory”.


Other Dangerous Simvastatin Side Effects

Below are the lists of other reported side effects of Simvastatin:


  1. Dizziness.
  2. Loss of sensation.
  3. Tingling.
  4. Insomnia.
  5. Abnormal sensations.
  6. Anxiety.
  7. Tremor.
  8. Blurred vision.
  9. Headache.
  10. Altered Taste Sensation.
  11. Wheezing.
  12. Loss of sexual desire.
  13. Blood vessel inflammation.


Below are the common but less serious side effects of Simvastatin

There are muscle problems related to Simvastatin.

Muscle weakness is a rare side effect for using Simvastatin called Myopathy.

This symptom will happen in the first week of using Simvastatin but a rare condition.

The most common side effects are vomiting, nausea and intestinal disturbances.

The common symptoms of Myopathy includes tenderness, weakness and muscle pain.

If one suffer from Myopathy and he did not stop taking Simvastatin, a very dangerous and fatal disorder can happen known as “rhabdomyolysis”.

Rhabdomyolysis is a disorder which there will be a rapid breakdown in skeletal muscle tissue. It is found through blood urine because of muscle breakdown and the production of Myoglobin and the increasing levels of creatinine phosphokinase in the body.

This disorder will happen when Simvastatin make the breakdown of muscle cells.

For patients that develop muscle problems when consuming Simvastatin , there are a few management options that they can choose.

First option is to stop taking Simvastatin and start again using a smaller doses once the muscle problem symptoms disappear. This is done to check the reproducibility of the muscle problem symptoms.

What are the safety plans that you should follow to minimize the side effects?

You will need to minimize the use of alcohol in your drink because Simvastatin can cause damage to your liver.

If you consume too much alcohol, it can do harm to your liver and if this happen , you can develop another disorder called cirrhosis.

For pregnant women, this medication can do harm to your developing fetus. You need to inform your doctor or physician if you are pregnant during the course of taking Simvastatin so no further damage can happen to the fetus.

A few of the Simvastatin side effects may be rare for example one patient will have side effects in one thousand.

The most important thing to do if you plan to take Simvastatin is to discuss this with your doctor or physician so that they can advice you on the best way and the full side effects of taking Simvastatin.